Brookhill's Fabulous Guard Staff!

Lines forming early!

All rise for the Star Spangled Banner

Guarding the Baby Pool!

The Grill Masters!

10 and Under Coin Toss

You need a bull horn in the baby pool?

Family time at Brookhill is the best!

Adding up the Loot! - Coin toss

Being Head Manager is serious business!

All in for the Coin toss for ages 11 and up!

Caution: Guards at work!

D.J. Jim keeping the party moving!

Spending the day with Brookhill friends!

Snack time!

Kelly and David- part of our awesome bar staff!

Swim Team Raffle! 60 prizes in all!

Grillmaster meets Bartender...Perfect match!

Hard at work at the Tatoo Table

Fish Toss 2 years and under...Good Catch!

Lunch in the Snack Bar

Balloon Toss Winners!

80 teams lining up for the Water Balloon Toss!

Balloon Toss partners

Besties win the Balloon Toss!

Great Catch!

Big Splash Competition 11 yrs and up

Big Splash Competition

Let's get this party started!

Perfect weather for a perfect day!

Snack bar staff handling the hungry crowds with ease!

Everybody Dance Now!!

Ready for a cold one?

The Heat is on!

Coaches Race!

Go Fish for all ages. 12 winners take home fish!

Noodle Relay for all ages. It's harder than you think!


Recovering after a long day!

Team Greg and Tim for the Beer Relay

Team Manager for the Beer Relay

Over 21 Beer Relay!

No hands!

Thanks to Jim, the worlds best D.J.