The Best Swimming Pool in Omaha!

Guaranteed to be the best time you've ever had for under a billion dollars :)  If you're not having FUN at Brookhill... you're not doing it right!  Want to know more?  Check out our "Membership" page today!

Join us for a fun and relaxing time.

It's where summer memories are made!



Brookhill opens for the day if the temperature is:

68 degrees or above

according to Click the thermometer above for the current temperature.


 This week at Brookhill

*Sunday 24th: Pool hours 12-19pm 

*Monday 25th: Pool hours 5-9pmZUMBA 6:45-7:30 

*Tuesday 26th: Ladies Day 10am-1pm. Pool hours 5-9pm

*Wednesday 27th: Pool Hours 5-9pm 

*Thursday 28th: Pool hours 5-9pm. LAST DOG DAYS OF SUMMER.4-8PM 

*Friday 29th: Pool hours 5-10pm

*Saturday 30th: Pool hours 12-10pm - BBC 8am-10:30am  ZUMBA 11:00-11:45am 

*Sunday 31st: Pool Hours 12-9pm

*Monday, September 1st: LABOR DAY! Last day the pool is open. Pool Hours 12-6pm


Brookhill "Fun Facts"

 Keeping our members informed and connected!


Nearly 100 years before Brookhill Country Club first opened for business President Andrew Johnson by way of the General land Office granted  Nancy Winfrey, the widow of William Winfrey, (a Private in Captian Ford's Company in the Virginia Militia who died in the war of 1812), 160 acres in honor of her husbands service. Brookhill's property is located on that original 160 acres. 

Click here to view a portion of the Abstract of Title.